What Do We Offer:

Company Incorporation

Sueno Hub offers the service of company incorporation in Malaysia to all clients from the international and local business community. We assist our clients to incorporate their business locally within a short period so that they can kick start their business plan as scheduled. Sueno Hub is a one-stop provider in the company corporation services. We cater all sizes and segments which include individuals, small, medium companies and also multinational firms. We provide a detailed overview of the company registration requirements in Malaysia, procedures to comply and also the timeline to incorporate a company. We have incorporation professionals to assist our clients and guide them throughout the whole incorporation process. Our assign professional is always there to assist and answer our clients’ queries and to share valuable insights about the requirements which are important in ensuring the successful incorporation of the company.



After successful in the company incorporation, Sueno Hub also extends the services to assist our clients in other corporate services. We offer various related services such as company secretarial, accounting services, auditing, taxation, HR & payroll, administration and personal assistance services as well in order to ensure our clients’ business operations can run smoothly.

Sueno Hub assists the clients in recruiting the candidates which fit in into requirements and the business module. We shall take the initiative to conduct the first round interview and filter the suitable candidates for the clients’ review in order to simplify the recruiting process for the clients. We also take care of the whole recruitment process where we will assist our clients in the job offering and also in the negotiation of the job package and also the signing of the employment contracts. This will ensure our clients can the conventional complicated recruiting process and it will be time and cost effective to our clients too.


Besides recruitments, we also support our clients’ in different areas like accounting system, HR & payroll services and the administration services. We shall assign different experts to take care of our clients’ needs. Our assigned expert can always be reached and keep in touch with our clients to support their needs and queries in these core areas.

Why outsourcing? Outsourcing is a strategic use of external resources but to manage and operate business by internal employees. With Sueno Hub’s expertise and leverage best practices, we can fit in into almost any budget on a project basis or a needed basis. We can be employed without being obliged to engage us when our services are not in need. It is always easier to end an outsourced relationship in comparison to the full time employees. Full time employees are carrying a large price tag while our services can be engaged at a reasonable and affordable budget. By choosing Sueno Hub as business partner, our clients can enjoy a quicker, more efficient operation.

Sueno Hub understands the needs of our clients and working align with clients’ business modules. We have been working with different clients and develops an easy solution so why not use us? Our main aim is to provide a hassle free one stop solution to our clients so that they can focus in planning and expanding the business and leave the worries of other activities to Sueno Hub without having to commit additional employees or time to manage them. We shall manage on behalf of you!

Legal & Government Statutory

Legal advices from advocates and solicitors. Working visa and working permit applications. Support government statutory issues. Advisory services for issues with government authorities.

Financial Management

Financial advisory on savings and investment, medical care, general insurance, unit trust etc. Financial planning consultancy services on life insurance for individual or business, group insurance, properties liabilities insurance and risk management. Financial support advices for business.

Translation Service

Certified translation services to fulfil clients’ needs and requirements

Accommodation / Property Sourcing

Sourcing service for office which meets the business need. Sourcing service for accommodation for employers or employees

Office Setup & Maintenance

Provide interior design and renovation services. Setup a ready move in office so that clients can have a hassle free office setup experience. Provide cleaning and maintenance services to clients in order to upkeep the condition of the offices.

Chauffeur Services

Provide chauffeur services with different car model based on clients’ needs and<br /> requirements. Chauffeur services based on different locations and purposes.

Office Supplies / Sundries

Assist and support clients’ in various types of office supplies and sundries purchases and leave clients’ a hassle free working environment. Delivery of the office supplies and sundries to the office door steps.

File Storage

To provide storages for the accounting files or whatsoever files on behalf of clients. To resolve the issue on lack of storage places which face by clients. To prepare a good filling system where clients can easily retrieve their files based on their need from time to time.

Our Customers

We serve clients of all sizes of business modules and from all sectors, each of everyone from a small start-up company to a large multinational company. No matter it’s a local company or an overseas company, we value each of everyone as our valuable clients and we are committed to deliver the best services.

Data Protection

In order to protect our clients, Sueno Hub will keep the Personal Data confidential and will also instruct its staff to the same. We shall implement appropriate and commercially reasonable technical, physical and organizational measures and precautions to protect the Personal data from accidental loss, misuse, unauthorized access and disclosure, alteration or unlawful destruction.